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If you are looking for high quality White Quartz tiles then you have arrived at the right place. Whitequartztiles.co.uk has a range of glistening white quartz tiles available. We make the process of choosing and acquiring Quartz Tiles quick and easy for you by providing samples and the option of next day delivery to anywhere in the UK. No matter what project you require white sparkling tiles for, including home kitchens and bathrooms to large commercial properties we will strive to help you every step of the way.

About Glistening Quartz Tiles

These glistening quartz tiles are a manmade product with a sparkly look as a result of reflective mirror flecks. Glistening white quartz tiles are made from crushed resins. This creates a dense tile which is almost completely impermeable. This makes them a low maintenance choice. Glistening tiles are suitable for interior use only. They are equally well suited as either a wall tile or floor tile. The mirror pieces help to reflect light. It has often been said that the mirror flecks within these sparkly tiles look similar to a cluster of stars.

Style Ideas for Glistening White Quartz Tiles

In terms of interior design a popular technique is to cover the walls and floors in bathrooms and kitchens with white quartz tiles. In rooms of a limited size the reflective quality of glistening quartz tiles helps to emphasise the available space. This can prove particularly useful in small, modern wet rooms. Glistening tiles are extremely hard wearing and durable. The strength of quartz has been likened to that of natural stone granite. These sparkling tiles have a high level of resilience against stains and scratches. These manmade tiles work well as a feature wall. When deployed as a splash back covering they not only provide rooms with a sparkly focal point but also a protective covering. Using a grout with a white or ivory colour with these white quartz tiles can create the illusion of a seamless wall or floor finish.

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